Monday, April 4, 2011

Lambo Down

So this past Sunday morning I headed over to the caffeine & octane car show that happens the first Sunday each month. It used to be held in the East Cobb area, but right now it's held in the Mansell Crossing shopping center close to North Point Mall. If you have not checked out this event before its defiantly worth it. There is such a diverse mix of cars that there is something for everyone.

I was headed back home when a call came in that one of the cars at the show was in some kind of accident. So I fired up the truck and headed down to see what I could do. As you can see their is quit a bit of damage to the car. It took a couple of hours to get it loaded up, the guy didn't have the tow hook that I needed to get it onto the bed of my truck so it was a waiting game. In the end the driver was okay, no tickets were given out and the poor lambo was loaded up and transported home.

images courtesy of Butler Tires and Wheel

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