Friday, April 8, 2011

Know your Roadside Plan

These days there are a lot of choices when it comes to roadside assistance. Almost all cell phone companies offer a plan as well as most insurance companies. There are also plans that you can purchase on your own. I can't tell you which one is the best, but I can offer you a bit of advice when it comes to selecting a plan. 

1. Know your coverage area. If you have a 20 mile commute each day you want to know your covered if you break down closer to work than home. The right plan will include enough coverage that you don't have to pay out of pocket for the tow. If your coverage area is lets say 10 miles you could be looking at another 35.00 - 50.00 out of pocket expense depending on what time it is and who hauls your vehicle.

2. Know your included services. While almost all plans will cover you if you need a tow, they may not offer fuel delivery, tire changes or jump starts. Find out if you have this service and if not if there is a fee you can pay to add them.

3. Know your restrictions. Lets say your best friends cousins neighbor is a mechanic and they promise to give you a great price on your car repairs, great right. You may need to find out if you are able to tow your vehicle to any shop you choose or do they only tow to specific shops on there prefered vendor lists.

It never hurts to ask questions, don't assume its a covered service, because you may find out to late that it's not.

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